Energy efficiency has been a significant focus for the construction industry, our budgets at home, and for the environment, over the past decade. As such, we have become far better at sealing buildings to make them airtight and less wasteful. The other side to this phenomenon however, is that indoor air is segregated and circulated, rather than being constantly refreshed with outdoor air blowing through windows and cracks. While this is great for the environment and for energy efficiency, this also means that there are less opportunities for toxins brought inside to escape.

Simultaneous to this rise in energy efficiency for buildings, we have seen a huge swing towards ‘wellness’ concerns. Healthy, organic, natural and clean eating and drinking is now a bigger part in most of our lives than previously. An overlooked aspect to this wellness focus is that 70% of the harmful chemical load we take into our bodies comes from the air that we breathe indoors. To truly live healthy lives, our indoor air quality needs cleaning up.

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